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List and prices
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The first edition of the Newsletter was published in May 2007 - click HERE to read it.
Subsequent editions were sent every few months as email attachments to our extensive mailing list. However, the Newsletters eventually got bigger and more elaborate, so we've now taken to putting them here instead, along with a couple of other documents. Just click on the links below.
November 2018 Newsletter, Part One
November 2018 Newsletter, Part Two
... and two accompanying documents,
HBM Full List 09/18 and HBM Sale List 09/18
September 2018 Newsletter
June 2018 Newsletter
February 2018 Newsletter
August 2017 Newsletter
December 2016 Newsletter
September 2016 Newsletter
May 2016 Newsletter
December 2015 Newsletter
Our June 2015 newsletter was so enormous the server wouldn't
let us post it at all, so we had to divide it into two halves! ...

June 2015 Newsletter part 1
June 2015 Newsletter part 2
July 2014 Newsletter
October 2013 Newsletter
December 2012 Newsletter
May 2012 Newsletter
December 2011 Newsletter
Details of Norbert Hoop's catalogue of Wiking models (a text
(TXT) document which should open in virtually any word processing
software including MSWord, OpenOffice, Works, Notepad etc.)
List of Wiking models offered by Bob Dross (this is an Excel
(XLS) file which can be opened by MSOffice or OpenOffice)

The Newsletters are PDF files; most computers have Adobe Acrobat to open this type of file. If yours doesn't, it can be downloaded free of charge from many internet sources. There are plenty of other programmes that can do the same job too, many of them free - we use PDF Exchange Viewer and find it excellent. If you have any problems, email our Webmaster and he'll talk you through it.

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